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new start of live journey …

New start forward

journey continues ....

Today is my last day inside one unnamed company I worded for long time. I start there as very young university student…
May latter I’ll mention more but currently I’m inteding to introduce my new blog 🙂 Because I’m still PhD student and I’m also very excited by cutting-edge technologies I want to use this new blog as kind of my notepad. I think it’s good idea because I could share my experiences with others to help them. Now I’m thinking on what kind technologies and events I want to focus on. Because over last 8 years my life was around JAVA technologies I want to continue in. During last year I’m very exited from Groovy, Grails, JRuby and also from others… Together with great guys from Poland and one from Czech we carried out great event GeeCON. This conference was my dream more over than 2 years but not only mine. During short time our group increased and we invest our hearts to this conference to our small child. Also I want to mention some parts from MatLab vs. Java and Hilbert Huang Transform I’m working on as a part of my PhD study. Everything is still rotating around JAVA.  I don’t know why 🙂 but it’s holly true.

I shouldn’t forget  about projects I want to participate in with my friends. More later on…

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