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Downloading Android and installing on Ubuntu 9.04

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Since first time Google announced its platform Android I was excited. It was similar as with PalmOS 5 in the past as I do remember. I have my Treo 680 still and I love it but I have a feeling that time to change is comming 🙂 as day D.  I love smartphones because I have to remember lot of things and it’s not so easy for brain. It’s better to have any free space inside. Anyway today I decide to install Android SDK  and its additional plugin to my IDEA development environment.  With IntelliJ IDEA I hadn’t any issue, very easy to install via plugin Manager.

IntelliJ IDEA and Plugin Manager

So the first step I did I just downloaded Android 1.5 SDK, Release 3 from official sites.  Package for Linux because I’m Ubuntu 9.04 user.

2. unpack downloaded file in your home directory.

3. Define your environment variable. Add full path to the tools/ directory.  Eedit your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc file. You can also add it to your /etc/environment file. To your ~/.bashrc only add this line on the end

export PATH=${PATH}:<your_sdk_dir>/tools 

Note do not forget to install also Java SDK.  You could use this command:

# sudo  apt-get install sun-java6-bin

Now I have everything installed and prepared. So tomorrow I’ll start to play with…sweet dreams about Android…


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