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Topic from title is closely connected with one lesson I have on CVUT faculty focused on basic knowledge. I’m pretty sure that one of task of every student is to search, analyze and working with information. One of the best search engine in the current world is Google and only few of all students I have met know how to use it. Here are several basic and useful information around.

1. Using basic operators in google search engine
Google supports powerful operators which can be special characters or words that modify the search query. In this section we’ll look at the basic–not to be confused with weak–operators which include the OR operator and the special character operators:

  • OR word or “|” character
[Audi OR Skoda]  ~    [Audi | Skoda]
  • Double Quotation Marks (” “) – Double Quotation Marks for Exact Phrase Search
[Skoda Octavia] => much better results by ["Skoda Octavia"]
  • Plus sign (+) – Using the “+” Sign to Force a Search on a Word
[Skoda Octavia II] => much better results by [Skoda Octavia +II]
  • Minus sign (-) – Omitting Pages with Certain Keywords by using the “-” Sign
  • Tilde (~) character- Powerful Synonym Search with the “~” Sign
["car engine" ~alternative]
  • Asterisk (*) character – Wildcard Search with the Asterisk
["skoda * +II"]
  • Double Periods (..)
  • Parenthesis (())
[(silver | gold | platinum) (dimes | quarter)]
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