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Something from past – GeeCON 2009

This post I’m writing as an announcement that our team hard work on GeeCON 2010 – The Second Edition has started again!  Before I start posting any news or something like this around I want to highlight several important moments from GeeCON 2009 – The First Edition.  We can start with publishing some photos from backstage before GeeCON 2009 start.

The first day in Cracow and my car needed more fuel. Andrian helped with

The first day in Cracow and my car needed more fuel. Andrian helped with

Since the first day we all were very excited what’s gonna happen after GeeCON serious start. We all worked so hard during lasts several moths before. These moths were full of stress and tasks which should be covered. We all were very glad that we stayed to be focused on our main task. It was the GeeCON conference.

geecon_2 geecon_3

Evening before we had to put all necessary things to the cinema storage and had the last organizational meeting. We all get our GeeCON t-shirts as next day main dress. It’s visible from photos how much we were happy from.  Next day being dressed up by GeeCON t-shirts we have to start conference as you can see from photo where one of us is  before introduction speech. After that everything started.

geecon_4_radek geecon_5_stand


During whole conference there were two cinema halls full of amazing people who were watching, listening and exciting from GeeCON flow. We know we had few difficulties for example with projector or WiFi but everything was solved in very short time and GeeCON could continue. The last words for fun I want to mention here are about  why every this has happened. The answer is shown on the last image. Everything has happened because of small box which is in the middle. We have all called it “Magic Box


We all (organizers and speakers) trusted in it’s power during whole conference. We had no doubts because we had “Magic box”.

PS: “Don’t take it seriously!. GeeCON has happened because of hard work of all organizers”

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