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PJUG – the first contact [part 1]

I was so impressed I'm eating very spicy pizza with Chilli. It was great

I haven’t  written my blog for while because I was analyzing data from Neurology Checkups during this time. I was very busy due to finish several tasks. Now is situation little bit better but still I’m under rush as common.

One night when I was writing Servlet/JSP pages for other project  guys from Polish JavaUserGroup asked me to come to give presentation called “Matlab with Java injection”.  I know this title is very interesting as a way of Java usage together with Matlab. I love the fact that part of Matlab is written in Java, but there is no nice connection. I understand to reason why ….

It was my second visit of Krakow. It’s funny because together with guys from Krakow we have organized GeeCON conference. This is an example of Internet power. I love skype, email and chatting. Back to the PJUG.

I gave  my first presentation here for PJUG. It was great. I was surprised and impressed since the first moment about quality of everything. Atmosphere was so nice and guys looks like they are really interesting and they are educated around. I have to give big compliment in general!

My presentation topic was as you know “Matlab with Java injection”. It was very challenging since the start of using Matlab in that way.  You can imagine little less documentation for windows users and similar to Linux. But Linux was worse since my point of view. So that was very challenging to me start work at this in the past. I wrote in the past assimilations for University purposes using Java. That was very different. I  found out also  one bug after long googling and thinking time connected with Tomcat 6 Annotation check as you will see on the part 2 ….

After I gave this presso it seems like everybody loves such way of JAVA usage. I was really happy I got so many questions . Stay tuned and have a nice day

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