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PhD study is sometimes unfair

Although I did promise to myself I won’t write anything negative I have to break this rule for now.  People around me are still mostly speaking in negative way that it’s hard to meet someone with smile on his face. Today I did ANOVA test … actually  I was writing lot of scripts in MATLAB to employ ANOVA Two-way test on data, which I have taken from Neurological Clinical Measurement.  I love this work because this gives a sense to my research.  Neurology and Medical devices were my big interest since my childhood.  Around afternoon I had discussion with one college about PhD research background in Czech.  And the point was that although the results are very satisfied  and interesting, It doesn’t mean that professors are going to be happy from the success. It seams like they don’t have time for good results, how simple. Other point is mostly language boarder …I’m glad I had possibility to have e-courses from MIT University.

I realized that my case could be very similar.  Results I have received from analysis are very interesting even for Neurologists, which is nice sign.  My developed approach could have serious impact but maybe my successful PhD is more  belongs on professors decision.  Simply almost all is in theirs hands … I don’t want to lose my optimism…

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