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Android APIs SDK 2.0: MapActivity and Geocoding

What’s geocoding ? It lets you translate your latitude and longitude co-ordinates to the street address. It could be applied also other way round.  To make it work you can use Geocoder class from SDK.  To define your position on the map is possible to use GeoPoint.  What I wanted to point out is setup of your project under eclipse environment with Android Emulator usage.  Here is necessary to have set up  main.xml file see bellow:

 android:apiKey="0g1ZXtJFFRe63U0HU3FvJ5BZycWqj3FFinUd43Q"      <--- this line is important. There have to be placed your Android Maps API Key.

As android is Java based environment  it includes ale similar rules in compiled application signature. Becuse MapView is going to download image from web and place that somewhere to you filesystem. It needs to have appropriated permissions. Android Maps API Key you can get from here. It’s necessary to register your app otherwise it won’t work.  Certificate fingerprint (MD5) you received by using keytool

# keytool -list -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore
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