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GeeCON :: SUN(ORACLE) and others

What is GeeCON? Probably the first question in mind… Definitely it’s the international conference for central and eastern Europe. Since its beginning is focused on community and technologies around JavaVirtualMachine. More you can read on our official web page. There is also GeeMovie, which should give you basic impression about atmosphere over whole GeeCON Conference.  Reality was little bit different then this movie.

GeeCON atmosphere  was much, much better.  I have never seen so many satisfied and excited faces on one place nor in Cinema Hall.

Atmosphere wasn’t only about Beer Certification we did one day although Polish Beers are very very good ( I prefer Okocim, Zywiec … ). As I’m fun of black biers and fruit ones I could recommend  Okocim Porter.  GeeCON was about last news from IT-JVM world transfered over well-being to attendant minds to increase awareness around.  GeeCON2009  had amazing asset in Speakers staffing. They all were cool … nice prepared technical presentations!  Technical point  over presentation was one of our milestone.

GeeCON2009 pass also this milestone because one of main ideas was to have Technical focused conference although piece of marketing is necessary  🙂

yesterday we had discussion with friend (other co-founder) about companies sponsorship.  One nice question rose up in our minds in that way.  Situation around ORA vs. SUN acquisition is known. EU stops it for while… Anyway it would be interesting …. SUN logo is nice, ORA is also  nice too… but do they any mixture of this both logos for EU ?

My personal hope is that we gonna have also presentation of Mathworks (MATLAB) with JAVA.  Because it would be also really interesting for lot of people from academic world who are developing theirs own libraries.  Other my hope is to have more companies from Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia … because they lives in Europe, aren’t they ?  GeeCON is really amazing chance …

We are still face to hard work and as I’m not oracle any helps or favor is welcome !!!

“PS: GeeCON take place on planet Earth but maybe there is connection with other universes …  explanation comes soon(don’t take it seriously)

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