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GeeDAY for research results announcement

Today 13.Jan.2010 has been changed the title and image of GeeCON Facebook group to GeeCON Planet. It’s definitely big day because we get space for our research/exploration results  announcement. I couldn’t imagine in the past it can happen because we had discussion around in very nice pub in Krakow. Actually we had discussion about future, and as I had read other book from Stephen W. Hawking about Singularities, discussion was affected by.   So what was the conclusion … based on our personal observation of night sky (universe)  we realized the uncountable number of all planets and spaces, even other universe existence … based on such results we decided to use them as fun for GeeCON promotion … but we are taking our conclusion seriously … more scientific article is coming soon…

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  1. miragemiko
    January 13, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    I just found out that question about GeeCON Planet existence is very interesting for many people. That’s nice, because I want to send more information about this topic … As GeeCON Conference is very focused on technical presentation we need something to join all attendants before because of general atmosphere. It gonna by more easier to speak with anybody.
    … stay in touch and keep in mind: “The true is out there…”

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