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Day after GeeDAY: the FIRST contact Gee, part #2

Several drawbacks from GeeCON CONSPace Theory acceptance

This theory is dealing with the fact of hard imagination of such planet existence, similar as to the first moment (“Big Bang”), when we do little summary what was postulated till this moment. The first we have introduced other singularities existence with high probability. The Second point is we have introduced is other Spaces, Universes and Planets existence, what is very probable too. Now we should keep short time to think about because of other Planets . Our previous statements could mean that somewhere in this new CONSpace exists one planet called GeeCONPlanet whith atmosphere is according to human needs. With this fact other issues are rising up to our minds. One of them could refer to possible live existence there. If we accept this, we can do statement about  Computer Science, which was developed by intelligence of citizens. At this moment It is good to point out that we are still missing name for this civilization or intelligence. So back to our theory. If computer science was developed, there should also JAVA programming language exists or something very similar.

Theory extension focused on computer science

If JAVA exists here so there is only small steps to Java Virtual Machine and to our main intension. It is GeeCON Conference. GeeCON Conference should exist also here too. We are not sure in next our statement but maybe GeeCON Conference is much more known than that one on the planet Earth. If we stop now and return back only little bit, We have started with new dimension of our live understanding and we started to think also about inter-galactic traveling as in the well know scientific work “Hitchhiker guied to the Universe”. Proposed new approach followed by GeeCON CONSpace theory is giving more complexity, non-stationary and non-deterministic aspect our current position of human being with probability reflection, of course. As was mentioned above this could be one of main drawback also.

GeeCONPlanet live existence

Most of facts pointed out here are not still proven yet. We can only accept level of probability of such planet existence. But this is very similar way of prove as in case of Big Bang Theory. We have just postulated several a priories and we are following them in our statements.

Several year ago others people have tried to develop such idea and more popularize that. Maybe you do remember well know scientific serial “Start Trek” and it’s movie extensions or serial “Red Dwarf”. We are aware about existence of much more others but there is no place to have noted everything. Maybe it could be good to point out very serious scientific work of Stepehn W. Hawking. In some of our conclusion we are reflecting to his work. Now you can see the probability is becoming to be very important for as similar as Bing Bang Theory.

Conclusion and Discussion

Summary given by this article is about existence of other singularities, spaces and planets. We have called them CONSPace and GeeCONPlanet which is only one specific of million others. Very stong signal was given by GeeCON Conference existence because of its amazing community reflection. Our last research indicated that we have discovered also other singularity. We have called that GeeCONBox. But GeeCONBox is still under very strong and hard research. We are expected that it could be introduced very soon in new scientific article.

” This is part 2 of the Article which starts here . GeeTeam hope you enjoy such funny ideas and start to follow as …. GeeCON Conference, LinekdIN or Facebook

*** This article will continue tomorrow.  Lets start your imagination and share your ideas around GeeCON Planet over Facebook . Please, take this article as fun to think about our Universe and Galaxy***


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  6. GeeCON Team: GeeDAY for research results announcement, https://miragemiko.wordpress.com/
  7. Facebook: GeeCON Planet, http://bit.ly/6KXci3
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  1. January 21, 2010 at 12:06 am

    You know that Hubble peers back 13.2 billion years? This is one more vote for GCP

  1. March 31, 2010 at 9:25 am

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