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GeeCON is challenge … 20/80

As this week has started little sadly, my lovely dog death, there are many positives also.  I had no power to blog around sooner. I even don’t know from where I should start with.  Let’s keep following order.

1. GeeCON sponsors announcement.

For those who are following GeeCON Twitter account or keep looking on our official web permanently, this is not big news actually,  but for others it’s.  We are proud to announce that Adobe and Google are following GeeCON Conference as official sponsors …  Both of these companies have seen and feel big power of Gee.  As they are official sponsors now they have granted beautiful location on our GeeCON Planet …  (I’ll blog about this latter…) …  This conference is very challenging for anyone (companies, attendants…) we are daily receiving lot of technical papers ( Call 4 Paper is still open!) As we have promised at the beginning of GeeCON 1st we are going to be technical focused conference with the best atmosphere around … we want to reach that point again this year!

2. New contacts and challenges  …

I have to share my impression maybe it would be something to think.  This week I have met the guy who is also involved by Pareto principle, it’s better known as 80/20 principle. As I love statistics, maybe because I’m using that too much, I was surprised and impressed in both. This principle is very simple and if you use that in right way it’s also very useful over engineering branches … Let me do explain more latter … I have some duties now

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