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JavaCamp#2 KRAKOW – Google Android #1

13.02.2010 wbudynku D6 Katedry Telekomunikacji, AGH (al. Mickiewicza 30) – Address of this event.   I hadn’t time to post everything earlier as I had to solve  couple of issues.

I was in Krakow since 10.2 morning.  When I approached I sent SMS message to my friend to pick me up.  I still don’t know why but I turned off my mobile.  That wasn’t funny because I forgot my PIN to keep myself back.  My friend only knew that I’m in Railway station but nothing else. I was very glad I’ve  received his car photo before my trip. I found his parked car after while.  Than I waited another 45 minutes till he arrived back.  After this issue everything went right :).

We’ve visited Google office and had very nice talk with Krakow Director. He gave me NexusONE for Presentation. It was very nice because Nexus1 hasn’t been introduce before to Java Community.  I’m sure they love such piece of hardware.

JavaCamp was great as all speakers were amazing in general. I have listened all other presentations in Polish, as my training. I did understand quite good (” Google AppEngine,”Jak czerpać przyjemność z programowania w świecie krótkich terminów i parcia na słupk”,” Java/JEE Performance Test Planning – How To Plan Successful Performance Tuning of Java/JEE applications”) 🙂 but I’m still pupil.  I haven’t feel similar atmosphere in Czech before, that’s maybe why I was so happy there.  I really don’t know why students are not so active here in Prague, maybe they are, only I haven’t seen it, but where is the true?.  I’m still excited by motivation of students I met during JavaCamp.  I found out also on my presentation were older guys (>7).  Maybe they were professors, got feeling. Such Events could smartly push whole university being forward, that’s the other possible impact of professors interest even on Saturday.

During JavaCamp break (>20min) we had a pizza ordered. I got lot of question to answer so not so much time to eat pizza. Others were testing Nexus and comparing with other Android powered mobile phones. Honestly, I do note here. Nexus looks much nicer in real compare to other mobiles even iPhone… this is not only mine opinion.  Nexus design looks smart and no so provoke. You get really nice feeling to work with N1.    But back to pizza break. I found only last 2 pieces …

Here is much better overview about  whole JavaCamp on this blog, Have a look and enjoy ….

PS: I post this with delay because I received couple of urgent issues after my return back.

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