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ITFestival and MoTeCo = #android

Last days I’ve been pretty busy. I was asked by Google guy to give also another presentation at the AGH University of Science .  It was great because it matched my imagination about time utilization.  Well, maybe it was even more challenging because I’ve never been giving two presentation in two days.  I arrived to Krakow early morning and I was sleeping only in train for couple of hours. True is that I was powered by motivation I felt cool and fresh when I arrived.

One of ITFestival SFI organizers picked me up from station and we had breakfast and morning coffee somewhere downtown.  Then was scheduled visit of Google Office -> ITFestival -> Lunch with Googlers -> presentation at MoTeCO International Workshop.  -> take a rest for the next day.  Jacek from AGH Univ. took me there and managed everything around.  We had also very nice discussion on our way to the university.  I have to point here Krakow traffic  -> Big traffic Jams are daily live here. Drivers behave mostly more  like Racers but tolerant -> very funny.

Presentation at MoTeCo started with little delay that was caused by projector. I don’t know if there is any connection but it was SONY, again 😉 . We didn’t find bug over 30minutes so Jacek managed room change where projector was working.  Lecture room was totally full and atmosphere was very nice.  Maybe because we were joking about projector during time trying to find out where is the issue.  My Android Lecture took around 2hours after I received many questions. I don’t remember them all now but we spent another long time in fruitful discussion. I think students and professors were satisfied.  Jacek told me that that my lecture was introduction to the new subject at the university.  During short time I was employed also by AGH as lecturer 🙂 nice feeling .

ITFestival presentation was scheduled next day at 5pm. This day I felt tired. I had to stimulate my brain and mind to work and think. Morning redbuls were very helpful in that way.  Before my presentation there was more marketing focused one.  At its start there was around 400 attendees. Well at the end there were only around 150 🙂 Very big change maybe marketing stuff was little bit bored … I don’t know, I don’t understand to Polish so good. I’m glad that to my presentation couple of guys came back.

I did the first joke at the start of my presentation and audience was quiet. I told to my self -> What?, nobody got that… I started worried because it’s not nice giving presentation to quiet audience.  Atmosphere little changed after the second joke  I saw the first reactions… event it totally changed after my Android Beer Demo -> quite audience became to be fresh.   Then I felt much better during Android features explanation.  I did also little competition at the end  the Beer winner was over 18 he showed me his Identity Card .

After regular presentation time I received so many questions even much more than day before.  It seemed  to me like all audience came to me and every were asking me. It was great to see that because of start .

5 days in Krakow were simply amazing. Guys at AGH and SFI Festival have done amazing job.  I’m only wondering when something similar came to Czech Republic. Honestly I have to say we have nothing similar here.

PS: They have cool car simulator there

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