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Fork-join queue and GPars – Groovy Parallel Systems

I saw nice presentation about GPars project during CzJUG meeting.  Show has been done by Vaclav Pech.  (Great Speaker of last GeeCON 1st 2009 in Krakow )

Well back to the topic, Fork-join queue (Image 1) is the subset of queueing theory closely connected with mathematical theory of probability. I guess for those how have read book written by Cormen and comapny “Introduction to Algorithms” is probability not big surprise :). It’s quite everywhere…

The GPars project is promising to be the way of handling tasks asynchronously, concurrently which are distributed over your hardware performance. Of course, everything is focused on Java platform with smart Groovy contribution.  The reason why I really do love using Groovy is its flexibility, which is even better in the latest  version 1.7. GPars main areas of utilization are following: Concurrent collection processing, Asynchronous operations, Fork/Join abstraction, Actor, Dataflow concurrency constructions and Save -> an mt-safe references to mutable state.  I think GPars has big potential because of Groovy … big power and programming is more fun.

Let’s try

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