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Let’s move GeeCON awareness forward …

just do short explanation of the post topic.

Well, this is based on my own experience from the last year when GeeCON was in its nappies (GeeCON1st – 2009).The  people around the Europe were little  skeptical to our idea about to have international Java focused conference in the Central Europe.  GeeTeam’ve been working many hours during the weeks for free.  Adrian, Radek, Me, Andrzej and others were under big pressure because we wanted to pass our 1st edition with success. Negotiations with sponsors and companies, promotion, strategy design and many other tasks  were sometimes really hard … and motivation was decreasing… I hope you can imagine what kind of stress we had during this live period. (“I spent much time in chats and motivating others to continue although I was under push too. I had only in my mind to do everything I can for GeeCON success”)

You can review our  video how we have passed but it’s definitely hard to describe atmosphere in details. It was simply amazing, incredible about these words I’m think when I want to express my feelings from GeeCON 1st.  People who have doubts they loose them they were involved by others. Not only by our Beer Certification, of course 🙂

True is during last moths I have met couple of people even in Amsterdam who have heard about GeeCON but they didn’t know about before.  So maybe we should be more focused on smart GeeCON promotion on couple of lines.  After reading Books from Spephen W. Hawking and as StarTrek fun  I’ve written article about GeeCON Planet theory and CONSpace which should be only for fun and mind stimulation but maybe it could be true.  We have created GeeCON Planet Facebook group which is an opportunity for involved people to discuss for example type of accommodation or traveling and other topics, of course.

Great moment is our promotion in Software Developer’s Magazine.

Most of questions I got during CzJUG the 1st short GeeCON promotion were about traveling to Poznan.  In this case we have been thinking about GeeCON Bus but we need involvement of other people outside the GeeCON Team. So the cheapest way of traveling is  by Car -> We have facebook group where we can handle such kind of discussions

This year we had to go over couple of issues connected with one member who left GeeTeam. I hope it’s fixed now and won’t continue in damaging GeeCON name.

If you have any question feel free to ask info@geecon.org or me over blog or our community on facebook. We have open lot of lines.

Congratulation to PODCAST success which is done by Radek and Jakub.

This year we have much more and more world known speaker’s slots  3 cinema rooms -> we are getting bigger 🙂 everybody should come and see it in real and then create his opinion -> Register ( we have limited place )

next couple of weeks I plan to blog about speakers and technologies they are going to present

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