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GeeCON 2010 Poznan is OVER … but before ?

Honestly I have to note, I’m still very tired after hard job I have done during the GeeCON 2010 (not only during the GeeCON Magic party). When I’ve been driving my car back from Poznan lot of ideas have risen up to my mind, but about this latter in future.  Let’s move back to our GeeCON2010.

The first point is I’m very glad we had it in Poznan. Poznan city is very nice and cool besides of fact little issue with traveling.  When we decide we had to deal with and in my opinion it was really great decision, thanks to all guys from Poznan we have asked to join us.

GeeCON University day handles the place at the Poznan University. I was really surprised by campus and labs and impressed by other stuff around me. Only issue has been caused by Vulcano and Trains.  In general it was my first contact with attendees… Everyone was so smart, also we discussed a lot with Waldek, Piotr and Miroslaw (He has similar name as me, only change in W-V)…

And after all everything was REAL and GeeCON 2010 has started -> It was amazing … not only for me but for all participants -> SPONSORS, Attendees, GeeCON team. We all together really ENJOY our being in POZNAN CITY! … more is coming!

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