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GeeCON story: Czech Geek surrounded by Polish Geeks…looking for Gecko

The reason why I’m gonna describe such things  is because almost everyone is thinking I’m from Poland, which is not TRUE.  I try to quickly touch how small Czech Guy could push such things as the GeeCON is forward.

Couple years before, when  I was younger and I left M$ and start to believe in opensource and UNIX based systems that was the right time to join SUN. These days it was really different company. Short time pass and I was missing the place where I could meet my friends, discussing with them and have fun time.

The destiny stared to moving thing forward to made all my such dreams real.  I met Radek and Andrian, my Luck. I tried to find such guys here in Czech but it was impossible – much more then other issues. These guys (Radek,Adrian, Andrzej, Marcin, Adams…) were on the same line which was great !!! Really, I was so happy even more.  The most funny story rose up before the first GeeCON 1st:  I haven’t met them all any time before.  I was only negotiating about sponsor shipments having lot of hours of chats, skype calls with Radek and Adrian and others and motivate them to go, go and rock.   I had opportunity, I love Open Source and “Human Knowledge belongs to the world!”   definitely I wanted to use all these things. Then our team started grow really it was amazing lot of guys  joined us these days …

GeeCON 1st was really successful as I have seen couple of business reports and discussed its impact after, really I was very nicely surprised ( I can’t share more, you know :).  We also received issue with one guy from our 1st GeeCON Team. He wanted to follow his own way and he started to do really crazy things to us, but it was funny to see his strategy.  I think it’s normal such things are normally happening.

GeeCON 2nd was really different  as we had new members in our team who didn’t know who I’m (I mean personality and involvement ).  I had lot of experiences from SUN to dealing with such international communities and even teams to achieve fruitful results.  It was definitely nice and it made me stronger again and develops me  in experiences from psychology. Sometimes we had hard time but in general we really worked as team … Guys know what I’m thinking about

I have to do really good point here.  I did mention I love opensource, which is true -> but behind any opensource must real business model exists otherwise anything is impossible. I hope all readers will agree with such statement.  You know give people all knowledge couple of them discover how to deal with and do theirs own business and than you can definitely profit from (Something similar) but knowledge how to do so is really needed.

Finally  I would like to thanks to all members of our Start GeeTeam for really HARD work you have done this year (University, Poznan, Cinema, Promotion, sponsors …etc.). GeeCON MAGIC Party was really MAGIC NIGHT in all ours live -> I really love seeing people happy !

PS:  GeeCON is much more than only this short text …  GeeCON 2010 TEAM

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