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Android 2.2 – hierarchyviewer tool and PSD file export (GIMP, Photoshop)

Possibility to export PSD (Adobe Photoshop / GIMP ) file from HierarchyViewer is really welcome feature.  HierarchyViewer is the useful tool provided by Android SDK to tune up and check your Android app View Group design.  Additionally it offers to you load time estimation when graphics is propagated from ViewRoot by calling drawn() method.  Nice signal to think about our layout change when number is too high because the point is to develop effective applications.

The point why it is so useful could be in case of background testing or colors. Well, true is inside any Graphical editor (GIMP in my case) you have much more freedom to test it.  You offer such freedom separated in unique layers by downloading PSD file. Layers are corresponding to  information you have defined and stored inside your XML or code ( identification of Buttons, ListViews, etc.)

When you are uploading new developed app into the Market, you also need 2 files in requested size.  Well, this is other smart advantage of button Capture PSD inside HierarchyViewer.

Enjoy! Thanks to Romain Guy post

PS: Just simply run up your app in Android 2.2 when you want to export to the PSD file your application from previous Android SDK versions.

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