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discussionNotes: Google AppEngine and AmazonWeb Services as main actors

It’s question which one choose for startUP project ? It’s fair to mention you want to run on Java Virtual Machine (JVM).  I guess you have three choices: Google AppEngine, Amazon Web Services or rent your own Server.  Which one is better ? Good question … I think it always good is to follow your knowledge base and your pocket ( money you have assigned for the project ) and comfort…

My Friend Fraktalek has published the new post “Google AppEngine vs. Amazon Web Service” so I don’t want to writing about similar things, you can read it.

Amazon has announced ONE YEAR free package to give you ability of using AWS Free Tier ( 613 MB of memory and 32-bit and 64-bit platform support). Management console allows you to set up your tier (t1.micro is that one for free).  You can choose op. system image to have installed there … and Amazon command line tools EC2 to connect to your new virtual system.  You can for example install Tomcat Server and use SimpleDB as main database …. What I want to note is that you have full administration rules. That means freedom.  In this way I’m very glad for Cloud Computing … You don’t have to care about hardware or something like this only choose what you want to use or install it.  I have also tested building small farm inside AWS  Cloud (IPs setups and firewalls etc. ).   I’m not able to say the economic payload (have to do calculation).  At the first look I think it’s good invest time to study AWS closer … example user could be WikiLeaks (no comment ) 🙂

Compare to GAE, which is the platform, AWS needs more time to read how it works. You are also forced to get better understanding around (Is it really bad ?). What you gain is the freedom.  GAE you could simply integrate to your IDE and don’t care how it’s working. Google engineers are too smart to make it works. You have to follow only restrictions which are everywhere especially in “FREE” cases 😉

The third choice is your own server… nice and cool but I think you need to have more money even for system upgrades …  it’s up to you!

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