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Stripes, Spring, Play on the scene

Currently we are working on decision which one of framework (MVC) candidates to use … stripes, play or spring (or combination )…  We’ve worked on simple task. The authentication (security) methods on stripes and play. The Security controller in Play is quite simple in default.
googling  results…

The best performance is to be found with the action based frameworks (no paradigm mismatch as the component based frameworks have). The Shortlist would be Stripes first and Spring the  second.  So how to extend this about PlayFramework ?

Stripes Framework (Pro):

  1. Fast
  2. SEO friendly links
  3. Elegant easy to understand code (1 thread per action).
  4. Low learning curve, any Java web developer can quickly learn it.
  5. 100% open source, no chance of future license changes.
  6. Focused and small integrates with any stack.

Stripes Framework (Against):

  1. Less well known
  2. Not full stack

Spring MVC (Pro):

  1. Fast
  2. SEO friendly links
  3. Lots of developers have worked with Spring (but less with Spring MVC).
  4. Full stack, part of Spring framework.

Spring MVC (Against):

  1. Higher learning curve
  2. More complex code: because beans need to be programmed tread safe, result is procedural code.
  3. You might need to buy licenses from VM Ware in the future if you want to get all latest patches.
  4. License terms can and have changed for future versions.
  5. Full stack, you might get more than you need.
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  1. December 21, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    Considered GWT ? I am still having hard time to figure out any reason not to use it for whichever web application project. Happy GWT camper.

    • miragemiko
      January 7, 2011 at 11:40 am

      Yes, of course, but GWT is not a framework. GWT is toolkit useful for easier web app development. We would rather use combination of Model-View-Controller patern framework (Stripes, Play) together with GWT. Cheers, M.

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