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… PhD, Hudson-mobi, OpenGL : simply Android

July 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Last days I had no time for blogging… I’m really missing it!  I’ve been working on project for my PhD and PhD itself.  It’s pretty hard to stay focused when the weather outside is almost sunny 🙂 … I’m glad I have time go to the gym or biking.

During the mean time I’m glad for my participation on Hudson-mobi for android. I’ve changed layout, implement animations, workflow, class changes and I did couple of fixes inside the source code itself. Well, I don’t want to forget about app graphic design which I’ve done too.  I hope all users gonna be satisfied with look-and-feel design. It’s really excited to participate on this.  Everything gonna be published soon! Have a quick look now and here…

Yesterday I had just feeling I should open OpenGL SE implementation for Android.  Emulator is doing pretty good. 3D implementation is working pretty fast, no doubts here. Much more excited is hardware implementation on your device. (HTC Desire, Nexus One).   Here are only two images … from glass effect which is quite simple to implement using OpenGL tutorial … HERE .

Most special effects in OpenGL rely on some type of blending. Blending is used to combine the color of a given pixel that is about to be drawn with the pixel that is already on the screen. How the colors are combined is based on the alpha value of the colors, and/or the blending function that is being used. Most people think of Alpha as how opaque a material is. An alpha value of 0.0 would mean that the material is completely transparent. A value of 1.0 would be totally opaque.

import javax.microedition.khronos.opengles.GL10;
import javax.microedition.khronos.opengles.GL11;
import android.content.Context;
import android.opengl.GLUtils;
Currently code is under progress to changed to Android 2.1 because the most of Android are powered by 2.1 … so maybe next blog I’ll add sample project 🙂
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Ghost photo from GeeCON

May 30, 2010 2 comments

This photo has been done by NexusONE, I really love it…

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GeeCON story: Czech Geek surrounded by Polish Geeks…looking for Gecko

The reason why I’m gonna describe such things  is because almost everyone is thinking I’m from Poland, which is not TRUE.  I try to quickly touch how small Czech Guy could push such things as the GeeCON is forward.

Couple years before, when  I was younger and I left M$ and start to believe in opensource and UNIX based systems that was the right time to join SUN. These days it was really different company. Short time pass and I was missing the place where I could meet my friends, discussing with them and have fun time.

The destiny stared to moving thing forward to made all my such dreams real.  I met Radek and Andrian, my Luck. I tried to find such guys here in Czech but it was impossible – much more then other issues. These guys (Radek,Adrian, Andrzej, Marcin, Adams…) were on the same line which was great !!! Really, I was so happy even more.  The most funny story rose up before the first GeeCON 1st:  I haven’t met them all any time before.  I was only negotiating about sponsor shipments having lot of hours of chats, skype calls with Radek and Adrian and others and motivate them to go, go and rock.   I had opportunity, I love Open Source and “Human Knowledge belongs to the world!”   definitely I wanted to use all these things. Then our team started grow really it was amazing lot of guys  joined us these days …

GeeCON 1st was really successful as I have seen couple of business reports and discussed its impact after, really I was very nicely surprised ( I can’t share more, you know :).  We also received issue with one guy from our 1st GeeCON Team. He wanted to follow his own way and he started to do really crazy things to us, but it was funny to see his strategy.  I think it’s normal such things are normally happening.

GeeCON 2nd was really different  as we had new members in our team who didn’t know who I’m (I mean personality and involvement ).  I had lot of experiences from SUN to dealing with such international communities and even teams to achieve fruitful results.  It was definitely nice and it made me stronger again and develops me  in experiences from psychology. Sometimes we had hard time but in general we really worked as team … Guys know what I’m thinking about

I have to do really good point here.  I did mention I love opensource, which is true -> but behind any opensource must real business model exists otherwise anything is impossible. I hope all readers will agree with such statement.  You know give people all knowledge couple of them discover how to deal with and do theirs own business and than you can definitely profit from (Something similar) but knowledge how to do so is really needed.

Finally  I would like to thanks to all members of our Start GeeTeam for really HARD work you have done this year (University, Poznan, Cinema, Promotion, sponsors …etc.). GeeCON MAGIC Party was really MAGIC NIGHT in all ours live -> I really love seeing people happy !

PS:  GeeCON is much more than only this short text …  GeeCON 2010 TEAM

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GeeCON 2010 Poznan is OVER … but before ?

Honestly I have to note, I’m still very tired after hard job I have done during the GeeCON 2010 (not only during the GeeCON Magic party). When I’ve been driving my car back from Poznan lot of ideas have risen up to my mind, but about this latter in future.  Let’s move back to our GeeCON2010.

The first point is I’m very glad we had it in Poznan. Poznan city is very nice and cool besides of fact little issue with traveling.  When we decide we had to deal with and in my opinion it was really great decision, thanks to all guys from Poznan we have asked to join us.

GeeCON University day handles the place at the Poznan University. I was really surprised by campus and labs and impressed by other stuff around me. Only issue has been caused by Vulcano and Trains.  In general it was my first contact with attendees… Everyone was so smart, also we discussed a lot with Waldek, Piotr and Miroslaw (He has similar name as me, only change in W-V)…

And after all everything was REAL and GeeCON 2010 has started -> It was amazing … not only for me but for all participants -> SPONSORS, Attendees, GeeCON team. We all together really ENJOY our being in POZNAN CITY! … more is coming!

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GeeCON is coming = show for great speakers

April 24, 2010 Leave a comment

I checked my GeeCON Time Widget and I have seen Great Central European conference will start in 17 days.  Last year was GeeCON great chance to meet incredible Java World Guys.  This year it gonna be even better. When you go through the speaker list you see full list of well known names.

Whole GeeCON Team is working till the end of the conference but now I have to point I’m very proud that GeeCON Ticket Price is still low.   It means  students/freelancers could come to see, talk and feel the atmosphere. It’s amazing I only hope that people don’t loose interest based on potential traveling issue.

The best way from Czech is to use a CAR, Germany has better position because of the highway.  I guess in Poznan there is Airport also.

If you have any comments/question just ask US. We help you to manage yours issue!

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Android: GeeCON Time widget

April 15, 2010 1 comment

Although I’ve not published official announcement about this small and very simple widget lot of people have it installed already  ;).  It seems to be very useful feature.  It allows you to see hours and days to official GeeCON 2010 Conference start…  Time is really running and we are closer and closer. Enjoy!

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GeeCON and Google story … story of Women friendship

April 15, 2010 Leave a comment

This message is little bit Girls oriented, I’m politely apologize for that, but Google decided to support Girl’s trip to our GeeCON Conference. Which is great for them 😉

What does it mean ? If you are the girl who is involved in Java world! and you are thinking about to come to GeeCON you should check this LINK . There is written more about your future support. ENJoY!

Message for Guys:  Do not worry,  GeeCON has also pure UNISEX competition. It’s about filming your Trip to GeeCON 2010. The best movie, maybe movies, will be awarded by price, maybe not only by Free GeeCON Entry :).  For your inspiration see …

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